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About Glenn Pendlay

Glenn Pendlay has been coaching America’s top lifters for over 20 years. His lifters have succceeded at every level, from schoolage nationals and junior Olympics all the way to senior nationals. They have also competed for Team USA, including senior world championships setting American records in both snatch and clean and jerk. Glenn started selling weightlifting equipment in 2004-2005. His first product was an affordable weightlifting bar. At the time, athletes had only two levels of bar to choose, a great bar that sold for nearly $1000, or a cheap $150 bar that wouldn’t last most lifters through one workout. The goal was to produce a weightlifting bar that was both affordable and durable. One such bar was used for years by Donny Shankle and endured hundreds of over 400lb clean and jerks yet still spins great and is straight as an arrow. Glenn’s bars still sell for about the same price as the original bars. They are still American made from the highest quality components, and are still lifetime guaranteed